Filmolux Hot Scratch 155

Filmolux Hot Scratch 155

hot lamination film with fine sand structure

Features / Product Properties

Designed for

  • laminating film for classical photos, inkjet- and digital print medias like paper, polyester, vinyl, etc.
  • recommended for panel production for RollUp- or PopUp-Display-Systems
  • for stable and long-lasting lamination

Product Features

  • 88 micron multi layered polyester
  • heat-sensitive EVA adhesive
  • total construction 155 micron
  • satin matte surface
  • fine sand structure
  • scratch-resistant
  • compensation of light reflections

Finished rolls cannot be sliced to narrow widths!


6005700 50 m x 88 cm
6005704 50 m x 104 cm
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